Thank you for all your kind words.


“Every time we need something changed, Apple Valley is always attentive to our needs. They always try to give us the best rate on our policy.”  Guilherme D., customer since 1997

“I’ve always felt that you do a good job answering my questions and steering me in the right direction. You look out for my best interests.”  Customer since 2009

“Excellent customer service.”  Blanca E., customer since 2010

“I always find every member of the Apple Valley Insurance family to be friendly and extremely helpful all the while maintaining the professionalism I’ve come to expect from Apple Valley Insurance.”  Customer since 1999

“Since my decision to join the apple valley insurance team, I have felt satisfied with the level of service and support. Thank you Vivian Aruj”  Vivian A., customer since 2013

“Consistently first-class service.”  Customer since 2000

“Responsiveness is tremendously valuable to me. You’ve called us to let us know about expected rate changes, you offered recommendations on policy changes when I was starting my company and I trust you have my best interest in mind when accidents happen; to help navigate the process of getting this fixed.”  Matthew A., customer since 2003

“The entire staff at the Apple Valley Agency has always responded to my family’s insurance needs with policies tailored to our specific requirements. They have done so with courtesy and professionalism for the 34 years I have been doing business with them. When there is a problem with an underwriting company, the Apple Valley Agency supports its clients for the best possible outcome.”  Raymond A., customer since 1996

“Always get the feedback that I need. It seems that the personal aspect is present and the company is looking out for me specifically.”  Richard B., customer since 2008

“Great customer service, quick to respond”  Customer since 2011

“The personal service that I receive at Apple Valley has always been so important to me. Once I present an issue to Judy she works it until it ends up with a better resolution than even I could have imagined. Thank You Judy and Apple Valley for all you do! Joseph Costa, Jr Providence, RI” Joseph C., customer since 2009

“Trusted, responsive, cooperative and diligent best describes our experience.”Customer since 2015

“The friendly and prompt responses are always greatly appreciated. In addition, everyone at Apple Valley goes the extra mile to search out the best rates for their clients.”  Customer since 2015

“After more than 20 years of experience with Apple Valley Agency, I am still worthy of their day to day, top notch, customer service as if I am a new client. The response time is good and answers to my questions are always accurate. Most important of all, I am treated respectfully, fairly, sincerely and I can always hear a smiling face on the phone.” Sharon D., customer since 1998

“Joan is fantastic! She was great with helping me out this winter when I was in an accident and had to replace my car.” Aimee B., customer since 2011

“When I needed you, you were there for me.!!! It’s fine to say you have insurance but it is reassuring that you will walk me through the process. Thank you for the comfort in knowing you have my back.” Giacomo B., customer since 1996

“Very easy to deal with an stays on top of better programs for individuals. Very friendly also.” Andrew F ., customer since 2009

“Judy is a great agent who helps with all your questions and concerns.” Customer since 2009

“Joan found me a less expensive auto insurance policy, and prompts me to get the kids’ grades in for good driver discounts. Thank you!”Stephen B., customer since 2005

“Always respond quickly to any questions we have and saved us a lot of money on our insurance.” Dante C., customer since 2010

“Great follow up and great prices will tell everybody I know thanks.” Customer since 2016

“I always get answers to my questions in a prompt and courteous manner I feel that you also try to get me the best coverage with reasonable rates.” Customer since 2003

“Answered our questions in a timely and comprehensive manner, offered valuable advice concerning our insurance needs, demonstrated obvious concern and compassion during a very difficult time.” Customer since 1996

“Joan has always been a responsive agent and has provided me with excellent options for my insurance needs. In addition, during a particularly difficult time, she was there to explain and guide me through the insurance process.” Kathleen M., customer since 1996

“I have been with Apple Valley Insurance for over 20 years. No matter what I need or question I have they are always there to help me out. They are a family owned and they make you feel like your their family too. I would never think of going to anyone else!” Ronda T., customer since 1996

“We have dealt with Apple Valley for many years since they bought our agency. We chose them because of Don’s honest reputation and have enjoyed working with Nancy, David, Peg and Joan very much. They have always worked with us to meet our needs and made us feel like family.” Customer since 1996

“Every time I call the office with a question, I get a complete and easy to understand answer to my problem. Staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I have recommended others and have full confidence in my recommendation. The integrity and helpfulness of everyone at Apple Valley is the best.” LC., customer since 2003

“I have been with Apple Valley agency for over 50 years and nothing to say but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for great service and friendliness over the years.”Donald B., customer since 1996

“Apple Valley Agency has the ability to provide quotes from a variety of companies, offering quotes that suit the needs and price range of the insured. The agency is friendly and efficient.” Customer since 2010

“We are longtime customers who know you get the best product for us at the best price. When we have had a situation needing attention, you were there and stayed with the issue until it was resolved.” Customer since 1997

“My wife and I have worked with Apple Valley since the 1980’s and have never given a thought to going elsewhere. The personalized attention you receive makes you feel you are their only customer. Any question we have had has been addressed by Joan or Don personally. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.” Paul B., customer since 1996

“Apple Valley is like family, they take care of you. My parents had them, now I have them . My agent Judy has my back at all times, I have home and auto. Thank you, great people and great service.” Frank A., customer since 2004

“Very friendly and supportive to all my insurance needs. Supplied a Grade A service to me and my Business. Thank you.” Christopher G., customer since 2016

“It is always a pleasure to deal with Apple valley Insurance. My husband owns a small business and Joan is always there when we need her. Joan returns phone calls and emails in a timely manner. She will always do her best to guide us in the right direction with the best prices.” Lorene L., customer since 2015

“I appreciate when I call a live person answers the phone and is friendly and helpful.” Customer since 2006

“I get extremely busy working long hours and things like insurance get put on the back burner. Joan kept after me with reminders to get my business insurance renewed . It would probably have lapsed without her assistance.” Stephen J., customer since 2015

“Fast dependable service.” Customer since 2015

“Apple Valley Insurance has always guided us with any claims and has offered us cost effective products upon policy review or renewal. We have been with Apply Valley Insurance for close to 25 years. We would rate them 5 out of 5 for customer service. Matt & Jill Fague, Smithfield-RI” Matthew F., customer since 1996

“I can’t say enough good about the efficient and courteous service that I have received from Apple Valley Insurance. The personal service they give is really a thing of the past and very comforting. Not only do I extend my kudo’s to them but also to the carriers they have placed my insurance with. The response time I got to a home claim really relieved what would have otherwise been a very stressful time. Keep up the good work!” Joan B., customer since 2006

“In 2013 I was referred to Nancy at Apple Valley Insurance by my out of state financial adviser who had researched insurance agencies in my area. Nancy was extremely helpful in finding me new auto, homeowner and liability insurance. In addition she assisted me in looking at health insurance options. I highly recommend Nancy and her staff! AGB” Customer since 2013

“Apple Valley has managed my insurance needs for over fifty years with efficiency dedicated to my personal and family needs and wants. Their agents and assistants are always available and responsive to my needs and problems. Insurance to me is Apple Valley service with confidence of product and service.” Peter C., customer since 1996

“Doreen and the Apple Valley staff is always there for our car and home insurance questions. Her guidance is always appreciated.” Customer since 2002

“Apple Valley was friendly and gave me any information I needed about insurance. This was important because I was a newcomer to the area. I have not had any issues since I got my policy, but am sure their personal service would help me solve them if I did.” Judith J., customer since 2014

“I think Apple Valley Insurance is great They keep me aware of insurance matters and help to keep my rates as low as possible. I have been with them and the former companies that they evolved from for over fifty five years. I have always been satisfied with their service and personal attention.” Stanley H., customer since 1997

“I’ve been with Apple Valley agency for just about 1 year and they treat me like I’ve been with them for years. Apple Valley cares about their customers, I’m not just a number. Thanks Apple Valley!” Raymond F., customer since 2015

“Oh, just everything! Always courteous, knowledgeable and you go one step beyond to help me!!!”Customer since 1996

“Joan has always provided excellent advice when I have had questions about insurance coverage particularly during a difficult period of time a few years ago. The Best!” Customer since 1996

“Everyone is always cheery and very helpful. They always have the answers to all our questions and seem to actually care about the client!”Customer since 1996

“I appreciate the personal attention I receive from the people at Apple Valley Insurance. They make me feel that my time and business is appreciated. They are always friendly, willing to help answer my questions and they are very prompt in getting back to me. I feel confident that I’m always getting the best coverage I need at a price that is always reasonable.” Glenn H., customer since 1996

“The difference between a good insurance agency and an outstanding one, I believe, is customer service. In the decades my husband and I have been with Brush/Apple Valley, we were always satisfied with their prompt responses, answers to inquiries, and recommendations. I came to truly appreciate Apple Valley and, especially, Nancy Mendezabal after my husband’s unexpected death. The manner in which Nancy handled my MANY questions was exemplary; it was obvious she was a strong advocate for me and my interests.. Furthermore, when I was feeling “buried’ in paperwork and details that needed to be handled, Nancy came to my home to review my policies, make recommendations, and make certain everything was in order. Nancy’s professionalism, caring nature, compassion, understanding, and extensive knowledge was comforting and reassuring. After that visit, my admiration and appreciation of Nancy rose even higher. In my opinion, she is an individual who goes beyond what is necessary, not only in the insurance field, but in community involvement and service as well. She is an outstanding human being.” Customer since 1996

“Friendly, professional people. Up to date with product lines.” Edward K., customer since 2009

“Joan is a wonderful, friendly insurance consultant.” John K., customer since 2007

“Doreen is the best. Any problems I had she fixed them.”Shirley K., customer since 1997

“Judy helps us out every time we have any changes in our policy . She also calls us when she can make an improvement on our policies . Apple Valley returns our calls in a matter of short time when we have to leave a message . We are very pleased with our Ins . Agency and will continue to use them in the future.” Robert L., customer since 2009

“I like the fact that your agency is willing to deal with customer issues and not just hand them off to the insurance companies. Always willing to listen and give advice. Promptly returns phone calls.” James L., customer since 2008

“I have been with Apple Valley Agency since I purchased my first home in 1994 and I have never been disappointed in their services, whether it pertains to my home or cars, they are always so helpful and handle everything professionally and efficiently.” Kelly L., customer since 1997

“I have received great personal attention from Apple Valley Insurance.” Customer since 2015

“I have been working with the Apple Valley team for many years. I always find them very professional, courteous and helpful. Their rates are more than reasonable. I would highly recommend Apple Valley Insurance to anyone who is either interested in establishing a new insurance company, or those looking to make a change.” Barbara L., customer since 2007

“Whenever I call, I am warmly greeted by Joan or whoever answers the phone. They are quick to answer questions and find the answers, if they aren’t sure. We have been with Apple Valley Insurance since 1962.” Dorothy L., customer since 1992

“Whenever a question arises about coverage or I need proof of insurance in the form of certificates issued to our business associates, someone on staff follows through with expediency. I also love knowing that everyone has gotten to know me and our business so when I call or stop in with business or personal insurance concerns, I am treated like family.” Customer since 2005

“To change my insurance required one call and not kept on hold for any length of time. Responsive.” Virginia M., customer since 2010

“Apple Valley insurance not only saves us money, but the staff works with our unique life style by giving us reminders and payment options. We are thrilled to have them as part of our “village!” Richard M., customer since 2014

“Always accessible and ready to help!” Craig M., customer since 2013

“It’s great to be able to talk to a local person with respect to complex issues like insurance. Also, having someone who is working on your behalf as a trusted adviser rather than a salesperson for a large insurance company affords the peace of mind that you’re getting what you need rather than what someone else needs to make his/her sales goal.” Lawrence R., customer since 1996

“Whether it is Joan, Nancy or David; the service I receive at Apple Valley Insurance is always top notch. I have been insured with them for 35 years. I guess that in itself is a testimonial!” Kenneth J., customer since 1996

“A very quick and problem free response to a claim that I had submitted last year.” Customer since 2011

“My good friend referred me to you and I have been very pleased. Anytime I call I am always treated with very friendly help. I would gladly refer people to you. It has worked for me.” Sylvia J., customer since 2011

“Very helpful answering questions and done in a prompt and professional manner.” Customer since 1997

“Answer all our questions quickly. Friendly and helpful staff.” Customer since 1997

“Apple Valley offers a personal touch to buying insurance. The people at Apple Valley will work with you to find the insurance that fits your needs for both coverage and cost. Apple Valley is always there to assist its policy holders. I have been a client with Apple Valley for 51 years and have never considered leaving.” Albert M., customer since 1996

“Joan is always quick to answer and available when I have questions” Lisa K., customer since 1998

“Your company has always been there for me. Not just the friendly, courteous, professional service, but the extra help whenever I had questions, needed advice, or asked for some assistance tracking down something, or trying to fix something. I also like that your pets have been there to welcome me and make me feel at home!” Customer since 1997

“What you did right was done years ago when you hired Joan. I can get quotes from many insurance companies, but to know I can call Apple Valley and talk to the same agent who knows my situation and advises me as she does is invaluable to me.” Customer since 1996

“Doreen always provides answers to my questions rapidly and is always pleasant.” Customer since 2015

“I always get a immediate response to my questions. Staff is very helpful.”  Customer since 2011

“I love Apple Valley Insurance. I’ve had it for decades – car, homeowners and life insurance. The office staff is the best.” Charlene R., customer since 2000

“The professional, courteous and friendly service is second to none. I can’t imagine anything that could be done that would make the service I receive from Apple Valley and Doreen any better than it is. Customer for life.” Brian Q., customer since 2005

“Whenever I have an inquiry you are always there and the response time is quick. Which is very important to me.” John R., customer since 2013

“You were working behind the scenes while we really didn’t even realize that it was possible to get better rates after looking at the stats for the cost of insurance Rhode Islanders pay compared to the rest of the country. Great timing for the New Year!” Customer since 1996

“I have been with Apple Valley Insurance since its beginning and before that with Nancy’s dad and Blaine Insurance. They have always been there when I’ve needed help, questions, claims. Always helpful, friendly, and a comfort to know I/we can always call on them.”Tom R., customer since 1998

“Whenever I contact Apple Valley with a problem whether it be about Insurance or autos, home or even supplemental health care coverage questions, I always get answers or sometimes a referral to someone else, but I am satisfied that I have found out what I needed to know.” Customer since 1996

“Unfortunately, I had major damage in my home due to ice dams during the Winter of 2015/2016, but FORTUNATELY, I had Apple Valley Agency, with all of its staff, working for me towards an amicable ending, and that is what they did. They went above and beyond for me, and I would highly recommend them to anyone that wants a professional team to work for them.” Constance R., customer since 2011

“Customer Service is a top priority for me. When I have a question I can call and always get a “live” person and not an answering machine (push 1 for …, push 2 for … or leave a message and we will get back to you). If I don’t have time to call during the day, I can send an email at night and always get a reply the next morning or a telephone call to discuss my question further.” Linda R., customer since 2009

“I feel important. Joan always has the answers to my questions and finds the best coverage for my situation.” Peggy L., customer since 1997

“We always have had excellent response and service from this group. They are very accommodating and work to get the most economic rates for all insurance.” Customer since 1997

“We like the personal attention we receive when we have inquiries. Thanks for all your efforts. It’s very much appreciated.” Louis S., customer since 2013

“The personal touch that you give me is appreciated and if I had an accident the speed it was taken care of was good.” Customer since 2011

“You are always available when we are in need of your service. Service is exceptional and very timely. We have always given good advice and you make sure we are properly covered in all areas of our lives.” Darlene S., customer since 2008

“It is a JOY to do business with Apple Valley With gratitude, Karin” Karin S., customer since 1998

“Very approachable. Call and you get the information quickly and not passed around from person to person. A human answers the phone!” Roger C., customer since 2000

“We appreciate your personal attention and efforts in the past to help us.”Roger S., customer since 2009

“The staff at Apple Valley Insurance Agency is consistently pleasant, professional, knowledgeable, and helpful, responding to our questions and concerns in a timely manner. We highly recommend this agency to service your insurance needs!” Dennis P., customer since 2005

“I have been with Apple Valley ‘back in the day’ since getting my license in 1980. Mr. Brush was great back then and I’m still w/Apple Valley to this day w/ Nancy, David, Doreen and the entire helpful team at Apple Valley. I feel comfortable constantly recommending them to friends knowing their professionalism will shine through.” Colleen M., customer since 2007

“We had very good responses to all our questions and lots of help trying to figure out what we needed for our insurance overages. The people meaning you Doreen were very patient with us and all our questions. It was appreciated. Thank you.” Customer since 1996

“Transferring to Apple Valley ins.was a bit daunting however Doreen was able to put All the problems with my former ins . Company to rest.She also kept me abreast of Every detail!! kudo’s to all at Apple Valley and a very big Thank You!!!!!!” Jeanne R., customer since 2016

“Working with Apple Valley Insurance has been a joy and Joan in particular. Always looking out for me and our company.” Bill O., customer since 2004

“The team at Apple Valley have always been kind and courteous. They work hard to be sure I get the best rates for all the coverage I’m looking for and for what best fits my needs. I highly recommend Apple Valley Insurance to anyone who’s looking for fair rates and a reliable team.” Joanna S., customer since 2015

“Apple Valley is the best. I rank them #1”  James S., customer since 2009

“Everyone is always very helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. Joan always makes us feel like one of the family!” Kevin S., customer since 2006

“Joan is really nice and very helpful when I moved from Mass to RI try to Keep my auto rates the same or better and buying a new house!”Customer since 2016

“Excellent customer service whenever I call your office.” Customer since 1997

“Quick with answers! Good prices” Customer since 1997

“I’ve enjoyed working with Joan for many years now. She keeps an eye look for less expensive policies, and does her best to make sign up and renewal effortless for me. I’ve recommended her to multiple friends already.” Customer since 2004

“You are always prompt in returning calls and helping with pending issues. Very important to me.” Customer since 2009

“When I have the questions, you have the answers.”  Customer since 2002

“We have been pleased with your service for many many years. We would not hesitate to recommend you to others.” Stephen R., customer since 1997

“Very thorough, attentive, and personable.” Customer since 2017

“I have been with Apple Valley Agency for years and have always found everyone there to be happy to help in every way. It has been a pleasure to do business with them. They make you feel like you are part of the “family.” Pamala T., customer since 1996

“Dealing with a company like Apple Valley they commit themselves to make sure that everything that you need is taken care of. They also are great hands on one on one service providers to make you feel more comfortable than the larger insurance companies.” Michelle W., customer since 2009

“You are always open to dealing with clients, no question goes unanswered no mater what the problem is I get an answer. You folks are fun to talk to and deal with.” George Y., customer since 1997

“Quality discussions with well informed professionals providing fairly priced selections yield great lasting relationships.” Stephen O., customer since 2015

“Joan was wonderful, she was able to give me insurance for my business quickly and she did some extra research to make sure the property wasn’t located in a flood zone”Natacha L., customer since 2017

“Judy was extremely helpful in getting me the best rates possible for both my homeowners & car insurance! She definitely saved me some money which was so very important to me!!” Nancy M., customer since 2009

“I had contacted Doreen for a price quote on my car insurance and my homeowners insurance, She immediately went to work to find me the best rates. I met with her personally and we went over what would work best for me. She offered guidance but no pressure. I would certainly recommend Doreen and Apple Valley Insurance to my friends and family.” Ann C., customer since 2017

“Always able to find the right insurance at the right price for all my needs.” Richard B., customer since 2008

“You make me feel like an important part of your customer base and not just a numbered check writer!! Thank you.” Evelyn A., customer since 2006

“The Owners & Staff at Apple Valley have provided professional & courteous insurance services to my family since 1981.” Raymond A., customer since  1996

“Quick, thorough responses. You take the time to ensure I understand the policy and implications to making changes. You’ve previously contact me when our current policy was expiring to tell us you were shopping around for better rates – that was helpful to know you were already taking care of it, instead of me asking you to shop around.” Matthew A., customer since 2003

“I haven’t been with an independent insurance agent in years. And now that once again I am, I really appreciate the personal service! I know someone is on my side!” Customer since 2017

“I have been an Apple Valley Agency customer for some fifty years (yes 50 years) for my cars, trucks, home and business and I have been satisfied over the years. Now my kids are Apple Valley customers.” Walter W., customer since 1996

“I appreciated the personalized service and attention to the details. The new insurance you gave me had better rates along with increased coverage. Thank you.” Customer since 2017

“We are very happy to have Apple Valley as our insurance agency and, specifically, Judy Sylvester as our agent.” Customer since 2009

“The service is always personal. Good people. Thank you” Joseph C., customer since 2009


“Whenever I call for assistance, I am treated with great respect and can count on receiving all my requests timely and accurately.. Since I am a very busy business woman traveling most of the time, I need to know my family and I are securely protected with the appropriate insurance coverage each and every day without interruption. I’ve been doing business with the Apple Valley Agency for many decades and look forward to continue for many more…as long as the good Lord will allow!” Sharon D., customer since 1998

“For me, customer service is critical because I have many staff members that relocate to Rhode Island and need help with personal insurances. Knowing you will take good care of these executives gives me peace of mind.” Customer since 2015

“I always receive prompt courteous service. Dealing with Apple Valley Agency is like dealing with a family member, they are always looking out for my best interest They know me and I don’t feel lost in a system where I’m just a number.” Joan B., customer since 2006

“Always very helpful and response to questions is always done as quickly as possible, and always polite!!” Customer since 2009

“Three Important reasons why you are outstanding to us: Service, Service, Service . Sorry; I’m not very articulate. When I have a question, when I need help you are there and you don’t quit until problem is resolved. For that I thank you !!!!! Wish I could do better on the review.. Okay, I do love the birthday card.” Customer since 1996

“You always try to accommodate the client and find the best prices” Maria F., customer since 2014

“Helped me when I had a claim within a few years of going with a new insurance company. Also helped me obtain insurance for a condo I purchased.” Customer since 2013

“Always answer and very friendly. Also, they are always looking for better rates even when you are not asking them too. They will then contact you and advise if you want a better rate? Apple Valley is Top Notch” Andrew F., customer since 2009

“Great customer service” Customer since 2016

“You are a great agent who helps us with our insurance needs!” Customer since 2009

“Always there, always knowledgeable. Thank you” George B., customer since 2003

“The friendliness , the willingness to be helpful especially for a person like myself who needs some guidance. Thank you so much! Ray” Raymond F., customer since 2015

“Joan has worked very hard for me to find better and less expensive policies many times through many changes. Thank you!”Stephen B., customer since 2005

“Excellent service. Professional and personal.” Matthew F., customer since 1996

“Every question was always answered in a quick response.” Customer since 2008


“I have always been very satisfied with the personal service I have received at Apple Valley. I usually talk with Doreen Natale and she has always gone the extra mile when getting me the best coverage and rates or advising me when I was involved in an accident. I highly recommend Apple Valley Insurance.” Customer since 2003

“You were very helpful in our move from MA to RI” Customer since 2016

“ Your entire team is awesome. Keep up the excellent work! ” Customer since 2000

“Always get answers to my questions quickly. Provide great customer service.” Customer since 2015

“Any questions and concerns we have are answered immediately by a super staff. Everyone is knowledgeable and willing to help, making it easier for us to focus on running our business without the worries.” Customer since 2005

“Found an unbelievable auto & home insurance rate for my wife and I. Joan was very helpful and friendly.” Customer since 2017

“Doreen was very helpful with my insurance needs. She corrected bad information I had received prior to switching companies.” Customer since 2017

“I know I can depend on help when I need it and that I have an excellent insurance product. I think that everyone at Apple Valley is trustworthy.” Rev. F., customer since 1997

“Always friendly, and I always feel like they are in no rush. Take their time with every question I have. Truly feel like family!!” Customer since 2011

“Doreen provides excellent customer service!” Customer since 2016

“Customer service at Apple Valley Insurance is the absolute best! Questions and concerns are provided in a timely fashion, usually the same day and most times within an hour!” Customer since 2012

“Apple Valley Insurance Company saved me l lot of money on my auto and condo insurance along with better coverage . I was amazed and thrilled with the savings. Also, everyone I dealt with was wonderful and a special thumbs up for Doreen, who was exceptional and went over and above the call of duty. I have already told many of my friends all about my experience with Apple Valley Insurance.” Customer since 2017

“Dedicated service from staff as well as always looking for the best policy for its customers.” Customer since 1996

“With AVA, you get personal care. They know the people they service and care to give you the best, most affordable coverage.”  Michael G., customer since 2002

“We have always had excellent communication and honest advice from Joan. This was especially important to us over the past year due to a tragedy in our family. Joan has been very compassionate and extremely helpful to us during this difficult time.” Customer since 1996

“We always enjoy working with the Apple Valley team. You all are very eager and prompt to help with anything that we need. Thank you for your service.” Robert H., customer since 1996

“It is very easy to reach you and everyone is always eager and able to answer any questions.” Customer since 1996

“Always very friendly and helpful. You always keep me informed and let me know when you can save me money.” Paul C., customer since 1996

“Always friendly and flexible in responding to customer inquiries! Thank you!” Customer since 1996

“Apple Valley Insurance company has had my Home and Auto policies for many years. I appreciate their professionalism and knowledge, and their overall eagerness to help a client. You can call, or “stop in” at any time and receive prompt and courteous help. They don’t make you feel like it’s a “bother” to help you, even with the simplest of issues. Apple Valley Insurance is the way to go!!!” Barbara L., customer since 2007

“We like how responsive Apple Valley folks are to any questions or concerns that we have regarding our insurance. They are always proactive and solution oriented.” Bart H., customer since 1999

“The Apple Valley team is friendly, knowledgeable and responsive to the client. Thank you to Apple Valley.” Judith J., customer since 2014

“Thank you all for being so helpful and pleasant when I have called with questions. I appreciate it.” Customer since 2011

“Responses are always quick and helpful” Theodore E., customer since 2012

“Personal phone calls to answer questions and conversations to resolve issues with expedited movement of needed paperwork.” Customer since 2010

“Very professional, courteous staff.” Edward K., customer since 2009

“I have been with Apple Valley since I purchased my first home in 1993 and have always received excellent service from every member of the staff.” Kelly L., customer since 1997

“Apple Valley and its personnel are first-rate professional. They respond to questions or other inquiries promptly and efficiently. Phone conversations are productive and enjoyable. They clearly have our interests front-and-center.” Customer since 2009

“I bought a new car and on July 3rd. I received a call that I could pick it up on the 4th. I just had to transfer my insurance. I did not think this was enough time to get it done. However one phone call and Judy took care of it for me. I received a phone call later in the day from Judy to let me know my binder and everything was faxed over. Regardless of what I call for I am always beyond satisfied, I even get calls from Doreen to tell me she found a lower payment for my insurance! I have been with Apple Valley for over ten years and I have always been satisfied.” Agatha C., customer since 2005

“Apple Valley helped find a less expensive policy that had the same as we previously had. A good savings to us.” Customer since 2000

“My busy schedule often interferes with my ability to make decisions that are proactive. So I am always pleasantly surprised by Judy’s reminder calls and check in emails.” Richard M., customer since 2014


“Apple Valley goes above and beyond to accommodate the customer.”  Albert M., customer since 1996

“I know I can contact Doreen with any questions and get a quick response.” Customer since 2015

“Your personal friendly service is something that can be counted on and the information you provide is always spot on!” Lori L., customer since 1996

“Joan worked with me until I was comfortable changing insurance companies. I had been with the previous company for 16 years and it was very hard to change companies. Joan was very patient and answered all of my questions. I wish I found Joan 16 years ago.”  Customer since 2017

“Friendly, easy to contact and answers questions in a timely fashion.”  Customer since 2013

“I have been a customer of Apple Valley Insurance for many years. Through the years I have always been very satisfied with the representative whom I dealt with. Whether it is a simple issue or a more serious one, they make you feel very comfortable to speak with. Every employee is friendly, ready to help in any way and very professional. This year I had to change Insurance Company. I can’t say enough about Doreen who went above and beyond to help me with my situation. Every day either a phone call or an email keeping me informed. I would highly recommend Apple Valley to everyone who needs insurance of any kind.” Customer since 1997

“Personal service goes a long way!! Thanks” Customer since 2007

“The customer service at Apple Valley Insurance is second to none. I always receive a friendly, professional and speedy response to all of my insurance needs.” Beth N., customer since 2013

“Helpful and return calls promptly. Pleasant to deal with on the phone.” Customer since 1997

“What I love about Apple Valley is the personal attention you get from everyone. Each time I’ve had a “disaster”, I could count on Joan and the rest of the staff to console, comfort and put a smile on my face. I never have to worry when Joan says she will handle it and get back to me. It’s a given! Thank you Apple Valley for the last ten years, and hopefully many more. Connie” Customer since 2006

“Doreen is always very pleasant to deal with and answers all my questions in a timely manner. I like this insurance agency better than any I have done business with through the years.” Customer since 2015

“Personalized service” Arthur P., customer since 2011

“Whenever I have a question, you have or get an answer. Every one is friendly and helpful.” Customer since 1996

“I’ve used Apple Valley Insurance for many years. The people are kind, knowledgeable and efficient. I recommend them whenever I have a chance. Peggy, who has retired, Joan and Nancy are just the best.” Charlene R., customer since 2000

“Personal, good and prompt service. Always ready to help when needed.” Tom R., customer since 1998

“I have been with Apple Valley for many years and have never had a problem with anything including filing claims with the carriers of my policies. This includes home, auto, motorcycle, health care options and umbrella coverage policies. They work to find me the most reasonable rates plus still satisfy my insurance needs.” Customer since 1996

“Always there to answer my questions and very pleasant about it. Works hard to get me the right prices for our families needs and explains things that are easy for us to understand.” John R., customer since 1997

“Customer service is exceptional. Our questions are always answered quickly and thoughtfully. When an issue arises the resolution is in our best interest rather than strictly for financial gain. Thank you.” Customer since 1996

“In a nut shell, you do everything right.” Customer since 1998

“We have always been satisfied with the care and attention that we receive from all members of Apple Valley Insurance. Thank you.” Louis S., customer since 2013


“Always so pleasant & helpful. Great customer service. Thank you” Customer since 2016

“Quick response, flexibility.” Harry S., customer since 2013 

“Never a problem. Been using them for years.” Customer since 1996

“We have had Apple Valley for 20 + years, moved out of RI and now that we are back, it was easy to just call and email Joan to set up our home and very soon our auto insurance. Thank You!” Customer since 1997

“Great customer service” James S., customer since 2009

“Joan saved me a boatload of money this year, by finding a new provider without my even asking.” Customer since 2004

“Quick response and reasonable rate” Customer since 2017

“I find that you and your office are very responsive and when I need to contact you, you are very good in contacting me back with an answer. Customer Service and prompt attention is very important to me.” Customer since 2009

“Always there to answer our questions, Thank you” Raymond M., customer since 1997

“Friendly and kind.” Jason J., customer since 1999

“Always so helpful and cheerful!” Customer since 1996

“I am confident using Apple Valley!” Customer since 2011

“I have been doing business with Don Brush and Apple Valley for more then 50 years for my former business needs, vehicles, houses and life insurance needs. Now living mainly in Florida but I still have one vehicle registered in Rhode Island and insured by Apple Valley Insurance. I have been pleased and very happy with everyone at Apple Valley. Thank You” Walter W., customer since 1996

“So personable and business like, especially on the phone. Thank you” James H., customer since 2016

“You were extremely quick with any responses to my requests for information.” Customer since 2017

“Prompt direction and response provided.” Customer since 1997

“Doreen Natale at Apple Valley Insurance is always happy to speak to customers and goes above and beyond to get the best quotes for her customers. I highly recommend Apple Valley Insurance.” Ann C., customer since 2017

“The Apple Valley Agency has professionally met my insurance needs for 35 years. I am hoping to find another agency of this caliber & commitment to client satisfaction where I have recently relocated. Special thanks to Joan Larochelle and the Brush family for their friendship.” Raymond A., customer since 1996

“These people are on it. I absently forgot to send my payment and they set up a reminder call and helped me get it back on track. They are always so very helpful. I love Apple Valley Insurance” Diane M., customer since 2017

“Joan has been very responsive to my messages and helpful! She has looked into multiple options for me to help make sure I have the coverage I need and at the best rate.” Alexandra C., customer since 2012

“Doing business with Apple Valley Insurance was the best experience that I’ve had with a business in many years. Your product knowledge and professionalism is commendable and your Customer Service is second to none. I will not hesitate to refer your agency to friends and family….As a matter of fact, I was at the Cox Home Solution Store this past weekend and referred your agency to an employee who is purchasing a new home. Thank you for the exemplary service !!!!” Joan P., customer since 2017

“You answered my call for help so fast . You guys are a phone call away always, thanks.” Customer since 1997

“Very person centered service. Great attention to detail and responsive to questions.”  David P., customer since 2017

“Very attentive to my needs & to the fact that my insurance increased a lot & you got me better pricing with another company!” Nancy M., customer since 2009

“You make me feel like I am the most important client you have!” Evelyn A., customer since 2006

“Great service and great people at Apple Valley insurance” Frank A., customer since 2004

“Great service. Thank you.” Robert D., customer since 2017

“Personal service makes you guy’s great :-)” Richard C., customer since 2005

“Very Professional. They are family oriented and your treated as loyal customer not just another number. I have not met anyone at any time willing to assist you with a pleasant disposition. I would and have recommended Apple Valley Insurance. Great customer service. Thank you for all you have done for me.” Renee C., customer since 1996

“Very helpful and responsive to any questions that I may have.” Customer since 2016

“Judy helped me find the best insurance for me and my family. She makes sure every detail is taken care of.” John T., customer since 2017

“Always willing to help when I need help with specific insurance questions.” Customer since 2009

“Incredible people. Very friendly, knowledgeable and patient. Explained everything in detail, answered all my questions. Saved me so much time and energy and obtained great coverage. Absolutely fantastic!” Louis B., customer since 2013

“OK. 3 things make you outstanding: 1. Service 2. Service 3. Service (well, you do remember my birthday). Seriously, I’ve put in.a couple of claims and you made the process so smooth and painless in a stressful situation. We’ve been with you a long time and we appreciate all you’ve done for us. We feel “you have our backs.” Customer since 1996

“Love working with Joan, she makes things easy to understand!” Kate A., customer since 2010

“You girls are always pleasant to speak with. You take your jobs seriously, always trying to please the customer. It’s a pleasure doing business with Apple Valley lnsurance.” Raymond F., customer since 2015

“Prompt and friendly service and always easy to reach” Holli B., customer since 1997

“I always get VERY personal service when I call. Whether it’s Joan, or anyone else, I feel like you know us and our situation. Thank you for your help.” Stephen B., customer since 2005

“Doreen at Apple Valley Agency from our first meeting worked to find our needs and preferences as a customer. She then very quickly had proposals which gave us much better coverage at a savings.” Customer since 2017

“Immediate attention to requests.” Customer since 2013

“Very helpful. Quick response time whether there is a problem or just a question. Extremely friendly.” Customer since 1999

“Always been a helpful and professional agency” Customer since 1997

“Joan went above and beyond to get me the best rate and she did it in a quick manner. Thank you Joan and Apple Valley Insurance.” Jeffrey A., customer since 2015

“Quick responses to questions and requests” Customer since 2016

“Doreen was so helpful! I called because we needed advice on insuring the new home we were purchasing. Doreen looked at our existing auto insurance policies and pointed out a number of issues, then put together quotes for everything with much better coverage and lower premiums than our previous policies on the cars. Having somebody as helpful and knowledgeable as Doreen assist us was really fantastic.” Customer since 2017

“The staff is good at solving problems.”  Jack C., customer since 2010

“Been a client for a long time and Apple Valley Ins. has always been able to offer the right policies for what ever needs I have had over the years with quick service and at the right price.” Customer since 1998

“Timely responses to inquiries and questions.” Customer since  2009

“Over the umpteen years of service Apple Valley Agency has always been there offering excellent, expedient friendly service with quick satisfactory results. I would never hesitate to recommend Apple Valley Insurance Agency.” Mary B., customer since 1996

“Great customer service and quick responses to inquiries” Customer since  2012

“It’s the ability to contact with the same agents repeatedly who know our business that’s eases my stress about insurance coverage, that Apple Valley Agency gets right every time.” Customer since  2005

“We are confident that we are getting the insurance coverage that is appropriate for us at a competitive price. Apple Valley Insurance is not flashy! A special quality these days is steady dependability; if we have a question or problem, we know we will get an honest answer and always good service.” Rev. F., customer since 1997

“You guys are always great! Answer any of my questions quickly and if you don’t have the answer right away you call back in a very reasonable amount of time. Give the best quotes!! Been with the company for many years and truly love them.” Anita S., customer since 2011

“Fast service and responsive to our needs.” Customer since  2015

“I like this insurance company because they are friendly and they always are very prompt with answers and letting me know what needs to be done. Very friendly and helpful staff.” Sheila J., customer since 2014

“Joan is Awesome!” John K., customer since 2007

“We like doing business with your agency because the atmosphere is always friendly and you take care of our needs.” Customer since 1996

“You have always helped when I have a problem.” Shirley K., customer since 1997

“Everyone there is always friendly and helpful.” Customer since 1996

“Doreen is easy to reach and always friendly in her assistance!” Customer since  1996

“Apple Valley Agency is the best. The team is great to work with, providing great customer service. I would strongly recommend this agency to everyone. It will be worth your effort to give them a call!!” Barbara L., customer since 1997

“Excellent service, professional and customer service oriented people / agents.” Edward K., customer since 2009

“Always responsive to my inquiries. Very helpful.” Customer since 2010

“Everything was perfect. From the beginning to the end I was very satisfied. Doreen was eager to help and quick to respond.” Amanda L., customer since 2018

“We have always gotten sound advice from Joan as well as excellent service with our claims and questions.” Customer since 1996

“You are loyal to your customers and actually care about them. You take the time to help them and are very upbeat and courteous about it. That is rare nowadays.” Cynthia R., customer since 1996

“I like that Apple Valley is so responsive whenever I call. AND often are communicating with me before I even know there might be an issue about something important about my coverage.” Bart H., customer since 1999

“Great service, friendly and very knowledgeable people. Always get a good answers to any questions I ask. Recommends savings and better coverage for my needs every time a policy renews. Very satisfied!!” Paul C., customer since 1996

“Very responsive and helpful.” Theodore E., customer since 2012

“You were friendly and helpful when I first signed up. That continues if I have questions. The renewal notices are prompt and simple. I have faith in your competence.” Judith J., customer since 2014

“A great group of professionals that take the time to figure out your individual insurance needs and find a policy that fits those needs.” Kristin M., customer since 2013

“All members of the team are always very helpful. This makes a big difference when reaching out for assistance.” Virginia M., customer since 2010

“I have been with Apple Valley Insurance since I bought my first house in 1994 and the office was located in Scituate Village. The entire team at Apple Valley has always been so helpful and responsive anytime I have needed them.” Kelly L., customer since 1997

“Fast and easy service from the quote to the policy.” Morris M., customer since 2016



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